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Top 3 Kitchen Design Trends of 2010

If 2010 is your year for the big kitchen remodel, you’re in luck. It’s a great year to do a kitchen makeover, because there are some current trends sweeping the industry and giving fresh life to kitchen design. Here are three trends making their impact on the kitchen remodel scene.

Traditional. Most homeowners aren’t just interested in having a great kitchen. They’re also interested in being able to sell their home. Getting a home to sell requires a kitchen that appeals to others as well. Since traditional styles are timeless, using this standard is an ideal choice. Traditional doesn’t mean vintage cabinetry or old-style linoleum. Traditional merely assumes simplicity, clean lines, organization and a well-proportioned kitchen. Elements that add too much pizzazz generally don’t fit this category, nor do bright colors or over-the-top style.

Contemporary. The contemporary look is no longer an edgy fringe style. Contemporary designs manifest overt functionality, minimalism and freshness. These designs, too, are a great 2010 kitchen design choice. As for color, the standard black, white and stainless are great, but a bit of variety in colors is also acceptable, as long as these colors are nothing too vivid or intense.

Green. It wouldn’t be 2010 without a green element, too. Choose Energy Star appliances, local materials, power-saving implements and renewable products in the design of a new kitchen. Green is as much a design trend as it is a lifestyle. The green look usually incorporates natural elements, whether in a renewable-source flooring (i.e. mud, bamboo, stone) a natural countertop or wooden cabinetry.

Combining these styles, or finding a style all your own with a green touch, is an excellent way to approach your kitchen remodel design in 2010.

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