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What Are Your Choices in Kitchen Countertop Laminates?

There are many options for kitchen countertopping, including stainless steel, granite, tile, and concrete. Laminates are an inexpensive and attractive alternative to these more expensive choices. Basic and refined, laminates are an affordable and quality product that will complete your kitchen remodel.

Laminate is defined as a formed plastic that is curved and glued over fiberboard or other base material. Very simple to install, these are shaped ahead of time complete with a front edge, a work surface, and a backsplash. Laminate panels can also be glued directly over existing counter surfaces for a quick and easy makeover.

You can purchase laminate countertops from your local building supply or home center; or your contractor may have a discounted and recommended source. Two major manufacturers are listed below.

  • Bevella Kitchen & Baths features a large line of beautiful laminate countertops to choose from. Their seamless edge design, Kuehn Bevel®, is manufactured with a moisture resistant MDR. They guarantee their products with a ten-year warranty. Their site features a showroom of elegant designs and colors to help you picture what laminate can look like in your kitchen.
  • The Wilsonart Company offers their Wilsonart® HD™ High Definition™ Laminate which they promote as high depth, high density, and high durability. A non-porous finish, this product is almost non-destructible. Available in beautiful combinations of color and design, this line offers the same eye-catching appearance as more expensive materials.

So how much can you save by choosing laminate over more expensive options? The price of replacing your countertopping varies based on the size of your kitchen, your location, the edge treatment you choose, and number of corners. A simple laminate kitchen can cost as little as $800-$2000 compared to solid surfaces which can be $4000-$6000 or more depending on how elaborate the design.

Laminate countertops can be an affordable and beautiful selection for your kitchen. Contact a certified professional today to receive a free estimate for your kitchen remodel.

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