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Keeping Up With the Latest Appliances

We stand in the midst of a technological revolution unprecedented in our nation’s history. From computers to appliances, new innovations are released on an almost daily basis. So if you are planning or even considering a kitchen remodel, keeping up with the latest appliances is vital. New appliances are more energy and cost efficient, and have a sleeker design. Indeed, the term designer is no longer limited to cars and wristwatches.

While keeping up with such frequent innovation may sound difficult, it is not so. Thankfully, this technological revolution comes with Internet access. A healthy knowledge of available appliances, their features, and price tags could be just one click away. Here are some suggestions:

  • Energy Star. Energy efficiency is so prevalent in everyone’s mind these days that it is due first mention. And the best way to keep up with energy efficient appliances and gain valuable information on tax credits and rebates is through the Energy Star website. Appliances making the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star list must meet set efficiency requirements.
  • Appliance411 is a site devoted to all things appliance related, from industry news to new products. Appliance411.com presents links from across the world wide web, including local newspapers, trade magazines, the (wireless) newswire, and more.
  • Consumer Reports. A valuable resource for many years, Consumer Reports continues to offer product reviews and ratings for homeowners, including the latest appliances.
  • The Wide World Web. The Internet is a vast resource for information, not only from appliance experts but from other homeowners’ remodeling experiences as well. A simple Google search for “kitchen appliance reviews” yielded nearly 600,000 results alone. If you’re not much of a browser, then check out online magazines such as Appliance.com or Appliance Magazine.

Just remember one thing: just because it is the latest appliance does not mean that it is the right appliance. Every person and family has different needs and style. Is buying a large, $2,000 stainless steel refrigerator a wise choice for a bachelor that whose diet consists of bar food and sour milk? Probably not. But don’t worry, appliance manufacturers know this too, and finding the right appliances for you should be a piece of cake. Now all you need is a contractor to install them in your new kitchen.

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