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Islands for Every Kitchen

Adding an island to a kitchen is a wonderful way to utilize extra space or create some much-needed workspace. Islands can be small and portable, or large and elaborate.

Sometimes, you just need a bit more elbow room to spread out and work in your kitchen; other times, you may want to push your island out of the way. Kitchencarts.com is one online source that offers a large selection of portable islands. Choose from a rustic butcherblock topped cart to a full kitchen center complete with a spice rack, microwave cabinet, and fold-away breakfast bar.

If you are fortunate enough to have a roomier kitchen, adding an island can provide more cabinet space and surface area, and bring style and function at the same time. Make your island an attractive focal point, especially if your kitchen is in need of a facelift. You can have cabinets custom built to meet your purpose. Choose from a basic, flat surface to a multi-tiered design. Use one level for serving, a breakfast bar, or a display shelf. Islands can be plumed and wired to support a dishwasher, sink, small freezer or refrigerator, stovetop, warmer oven, or pretty much any appliance you can think of.

Your island can be as eye-catching as you can dream-up. Choose attractive cabinets with glass doors, decorative moldings, and hardware. Either continue your same countertopping, or choose a highlight material such as decorative tiles or a slab of natural stone.

Before you make the investment to install an island, be sure it is what you need and that it won’t be overbearing for your space. About.com suggests stacking boxes to the dimensions of your planned island, then maneuvering around your kitchen. According to this resource, the walkway between your island and cabinets should be between 36 and 42” wide. Sometimes, even more space is recommended if you plan to have a dishwasher or other appliance in the island. Height of the island can be left up to your discretion.

Request a free-estimate from a certified contractor to install an island in your kitchen. It may be just the solution you’ve been looking for, and quite an affordable one at that.

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