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Green Kitchen Design

The kitchen probably contains more energy draining fixtures and appliances than any other room in the house. If planning a renovation project, why not create a space that is as energy efficient and as healthy of an environment as possible?

The key elements to a healthy environment are good ventilation, natural lighting, and non-toxic materials. Skylights and large windows can provide light and ventilation. Ventilation can also be achieved through a range hood that draws in fresh air while removing airborne particles and preventing the growth of mold spores.

Look for products that are natural and made from renewable resources. Bamboo and linoleum are just two examples of natural flooring. Choose cabinets constructed out of renewable wood products and be sure to include space for ample recycling bins. If maintaining a progressive recycling and composting program, it is advantageous to have easy and quick access to your organization system. Recycled countertops made of recycled tubs, toilets, and sinks are actually quite attractive. Natural stones and bamboo are other options for countertopping.

Minimizing is another way to conserve. Determine your needs, and get by with the smallest appliances possible. When shopping for appliances, look for the Energy Star label to ensure the appliance is compliant with the conservation guidelines established by the Department of Energy.

In summation, there are many ways to start out with a green kitchen, and many ways to continue to adapt and adjust it as green technology improves. You can further your progressive program by only using green cleaning products. Work with your professional contractor to create a kitchen that is kind to both your health and the environment.

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