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Farmhouse-Style Soapstone Sinks Make a Comeback

Soapstone is a metamorphic rock that’s been a carving stone for thousands of years now. Resistant to water and chemicals, soapstone doesn’t burn or stain. And this stuff will last a lifetime - even under water. So should it surprise us that a line of farmhouse-style sinks are revolutionizing the market?

Soapstone kitchen sink

High durability and low maintenance make M. Teixeira Soapstone’s washbasins sought-after, especially now that the natural stone is making a comeback. Sinks are assembled from slabs or carved out of solid blocks.

Soapstone kitchen sink

The Handcarved Soapstone Apron Sink is yes, hand-carved from a single block imported from Brazil and India. About the same dimensions as a traditional kitchen sink, its thickness is comparable to the room’s countertops.

Apply mineral oil to condition the stone, but expect the color of the seamless washbasin to darken slightly. Also, soapstone is a natural product, so there will be variations in the “veining.”

Soapstone kitchen sink

Vermont Soapstone Company continues to offer quality sinks made from imported Brazilian soapstone. These products are guaranteed for life. The Wright Sink (left), at $865, is a classic replica of a 1907 Chicago design. Deeper and with a foot-high backsplash, the Laundry Sink (right) runs about $1,300.

Soapstone kitchen sink

Green Mountain Soapstone of Vermont is in on the country’s “rediscovery of soapstone.” From the original 1835 design, they offer the Boston Williams Soapstone Sink in Original and Ice Flower (above). The company maintains its own quarries in the New England states. They have been featured by home improvement shows and magazines like TLC’s Moving Up and Better Homes & Gardens Kitchen and Bath Ideas.

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