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Choosing the Right Energy Efficient Kitchen Lighting

If there’s a room where illumination is most important, the kitchen takes the spotlight. And with energy efficiency on the front burner, long-lasting bulbs should be your top priority. What is there to consider when choosing the right lighting for this space?

Simply put, traditional incandescent bulbs are out. They’ve been completely outmatched by efficient fluorescent and xenon bulbs that distribute light more evenly. Better yet, LED lights, still fairly new on the scene, are top-rated for both light quality and efficiency. Beyond the luminosity, types of light and their placement require consideration, since there is seldom one light that can provide for the business of a cook space.

Small Cooking Spaces

In this compact kitchen, track lighting is a great choice. The bulbs are aimed in different directions to highlight the countertops, eating space and artwork all at once. Task lighting under the counters is especially necessary, given that there is no natural light from a window over the sink or along the walls. If one ceiling light does seem all that’s necessary, make sure it distributes light uniformly. Go for a dimmer if possible; ambiance never loses its touch.

Larger Kitchens

Energy efficient kitchen lighting

Larger kitchens call for a little combination design. You want certain areas to be well-lit while maintaining ambience and decorative lighting, since there is more room to show up and show off.

What makes this kitchen above so successful?

  • Recessed ceiling lights radiate throughout
  • Under-the-counter bulbs highlight the work areas
  • Pendant lights hang decoratively but also offer a glow over the eating space

Ambient, Accent & Decorative Lighting

Ambient lighting is the most overlooked, as well as the most welcoming kitchen lighting. It warms the space and offers a relaxing atmosphere to sit and enjoy the meal. Accent lighting spotlights art and illuminates glass-front cabinets, giving depth to the room. And decorative lights are considered the “architectural jewelry, adding sparkle to the space.”

Under-the-Counter Lighting

Energy efficient kitchen lighting

For large and small kitchens alike, task lighting is the “workhorse of illumination,” shedding light on an area to read recipes, measure ingredients and chop vegetables to perfection. Where’s the best placement for task lighting? Between a person’s head and the work surface. That’s why lighting installed directly under your upper cabinets is the bright idea. OK, we’re all out of lighting puns!

Photo Credit: Romantic Home, HGTV & Remodeling My Space

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