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Remodeling Your Way to a Cook’s Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the place people gather when family and friends come together; this makes comfort and function important to the room. But if the kitchen is your second home, so to speak, because you love cooking, baking, or canning, plan your remodel by considering a few things that are outside the typical kitchen and inside the vision of a cook’s dream.

Draw out your ideal and then consult a professional for layout and installation. When planning, minimize the number of steps you would use from prep to actual cooking. Make your primary work area an island or peninsula that is positioned in such a way that you are able to look out a window to a view or enjoy the company of family while you work.

  • A triangular layout with refrigerator, stove, and sink, is ideal.
  • Your utilities, such as water lines, drains, gas lines, and electricity can be relocated for a wider planning view.
  • When it comes to the sinks, install at least a double bowl sink. They come in stainless steel or cast iron and have deep bowls for large cooking utensils. Your plumber should install separate ball valves under the sink for easy and reliable shut off.

If baking is important to your love of cooking, and I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be, a baking station is important.

  • Make it near a wall oven with storage for your ingredients and utensils.
  • A built-in slab for keeping dough cool is a great idea as is lower counter height for kneading, rolling, and whisking; this is much easier on the back.
  • Install a place to house your small baking appliances, like the electric mixer. Pull outs work great; slide the mixer forward when you need it, then slide it back when finished. It stays clean and out of sight when not in use.
  • A pantry is a must, with special shelves and compartments for canned goods, bulk items, everyday food, and sundry storage. The space doesn’t have to be large, unless that is your desire. Slide outs or roll outs are perfect for this function, keeping everything at your finger tips, and, if placed right, at eye level.

Countertops are so important to a cook. There is almost no limit to the possible materials available, depending on your taste and style of cooking. You can even mix materials.

  • Use granite or marble countertops for baking and good looks, along with wood or high-grade plastic laminate for chopping and other food prep.
  • Make sure plenty of space surrounds the stove, oven, and sinks. There is nothing worse than having to carry a hot pan to another counter.

Lighting is critical in a good cook’s kitchen. Create various levels of light. Recessed lighting, traditional surface mounted lighting, or hanging fixtures can create mood as well as focused light on projects at hand. Skylights allow an abundance of sunshine and save on electricity and your pocket book.

Floors are also important to your plans. There are certain types of floors that work well with certain appliances. For example, ceramic tiles and dishwashers, not always a good idea. The most common problem here is chipping.

  • Cork and hardwood are good choices, with a coat of water-based polyurethane applied each year for that brand new look.
  • You want your floors to be comfortable as well. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, as I am supposing a good cook would, make the floors warm. Yes, they come heated.
  • Make them foot and back friendly, again, making cork a good idea.
  • Along with your floor planning, consider a central vacuum system; this saves on sweeping and you can have almost instant crumb clean up.

Appliances are something you must consider. Use solid, professional equipment.

The same is true for your cabinet choices. Check out our website for ideas and help in selecting these items in your remodel plans. The main things to consider are placement, convenience, and functionality. All the great utensils, cookware, and small appliances, well, they are boundless these days.

With good planning and help from the professionals, you can remodel your way to a cook’s dream kitchen. Bon appetite or should I say, bon vivant (good gourmet)?

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