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What All Cozy Kitchens Need

During the hot summer months, when oven and range are used as little as possible, kitchens often serve primarily as a center for preparing cool, crunchy basics. They’re also the gateway to outdoor decks and patios. But now, with the season changing, cooler weather, and shorter days, people are starting to cook and entertain indoors again. It’s time to cozy up the kitchen!

Here are four things that make a kitchen cozy at any time of year:

A Place to Sit

It’s ideal if your kitchen has room for a table and chairs, but even if it doesn’t, having a stool or two for perching makes for a welcoming kitchen. Sitting places are great for welcoming people – old or young – to join you as you cook, but not be in the way. And if you’re single or often on the run, having a space-efficient stool can provide a quick alternative to grabbing a bite while standing at the counter. Much cozier!

Food and Beverages

Okay, this is obvious, right? Isn’t that what a kitchen is all about? True – and yet there’s a cozy opportunity here as well. A bowl of beautiful seasonal fruits or vegetables can add so much visual appeal. A tray of bottled waters, wines, and other beverages that don’t need refrigerating is a wonderful welcoming touch. Or how about a display of gourmet cooking oils infused with herbs or a small basket with onions and garlic? Cozy!

Lighting Options

Bright overhead lighting is great for lots of kitchen activities. But make sure you’ve got some softer lighting for times when bright light-requiring activities are done. Create a cozy ambience with soft light – for example, a small lamp with a colored or fabric shade, a fixture on a separate switch with a low-watt golden bulb, or a candle pillar in a glass hurricane. Even a decorative nightlight in a socket near the sink can be a cozy accent.

Seasonal Fabric Accessories

Dish towels, pot holders, place mats, napkins, chef’s aprons – these items are mainstays all year, but let’s face it, it’s great to have an excuse to get new ones once in a while. Round up your summer items and route them to the laundry room to be washed and put away. Then take a fresh look at your kitchen and see what colors and designs you’re in the mood for. If you don’t have another round of accessories packed away and ready to be brought out, why not just go out and combine some inexpensive retail therapy with cozy kitchen inspirations? It’s an easy way to treat yourself.

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