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Concrete Countertops – No Kidding!

When a friend recently asked me what I thought of concrete countertops, I was sure she was joking. All I could picture was Fred and Wilma Flintstone’s house. But then, of course, I got curious…

Concrete countertops, it turns out, are quite the happening thing. One of the most informative sources of information about them is the Concrete Network. This website is so well organized – it’s a veritable library of facts, photos, videos, book and magazine recommendations, and creative ideas. For examples sure to inspire and astound, check out one of their photo galleries, featuring 17 unique interpretations of the concrete countertop.

Concrete Connections calls itself “your go-to place for the most up to date, in depth information about making, designing with, and using concrete countertops,” and has special sections for Builders, Designers, and Homeowners. One bit from the Homeowners section was especially interesting for newbies to the subject (as I was): “Some of the most common objections or fears that people have about concrete countertops are that they stain, are high maintenance, and crack. On the flip side, some people think concrete countertops are a cheap alternative to granite. None of these things are true - concrete countertops, when done well, are a durable, practical, unique, custom, high-end countertop option.”

Concrete Connections has photo galleries of top-notch concrete countertop projects, but I was tickled by their Hall of Shame, which shows 5 examples of what to avoid. If you’re just beginning to learn about concrete countertops, you know the value of this kind of information – it can save you time and money.

By the time I browsed my way over to Concrete Ideas, it was becoming clear that the range of possibilities for functional and decorative uses for concrete – such as countertops – are burgeoning. This website may appeal most strongly to do-it-yourselfers and contracting professionals interested in expanding their range of expertise, although homeowners looking for ideas are sure to find a wealth of those.

“Concrete far surpasses other commonplace materials in design choices for shape, color, thickness, embedments, and more. No other countertop material offers nearly unlimited options as does concrete,” says the home page of Concrete Countertops. “One of concrete’s most alluring features is that it is an artisan’s craft. The doors for design potential are wide open with this malleable material shaped in the hands of experienced contractors who are familiar with its capabilities.” The photo gallery here is exceptional, and you can also download free design idea catalogs, Concrete in the Kitchen and Concrete Countertops.

After this lively round of exploration, I had to go back to my friend and thank her for opening my eyes to a huge range of potential that I never knew existed. What would we do without friends? Let’s hope we never have to find out, huh?

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