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Canoe Kitchen Solutions

Although my time in the kitchen is severely limited to defrosting and reheating, I can always appreciate those awesome gadgets that help bring a bit of style into this room. They almost make me want to channel Julia Child and make Coq au Vin. OK not quite, but you catch my
drift. Here are a few of my favorites from Canoe:

Created by German designer Peter Schlumbohm, the Chemex Glass Water Kettle is simple yet oh-so-functional. Despite its appearance, the kettle is completely enclosed and is able to use the stopper to let steam escape without overheating the glass. It is fashioned after the Chemex Coffee Maker.

Canoe kitchen glass jars

With the WECK strawberry trademark to prove its authenticity, these glass jars are straight from the J. WECK company that began in 1900. They can serve a variety of purposes and look much more attractive than any food packaging you’ll find at the grocery store.

Canoe kitchen bottle opener

The Black Crow Bottle Opener looks so similar to an art sculpture you may just have to leave it out on display. It’s made from cast iron and covered with a lacquer glaze to prevent rusting.

Canoe kitchen grater

This item is two useable items in one: a cheese grater and a detachable bowl. For anyone that has grated a mound of cheese only to have half of it end up on the floor, the Parmesan Cheese Grater is the perfect solution.

Canoe kitchen infuser

Doing away with messy tea leaves, this infuser is easy to clean and extremely user-friendly. Place the tea leaves in the top, close and stir long enough to allow the leaves to seep into the water.

Canoe kitchen wine rack

The Wall-Mounted Wine Tube is not only interesting, but can serve all types of wine enthusiasts. It stores up to twelve bottles and can free up precious counter or pantry space as well.

Design ingenuity doesn’t have to end in your living room. Your kitchen deserves some fashionable TLC as well, don’t you think?

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