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Taking Stock of Where You Stock Your Dishes

Are your dishes scattered around the kitchen? Glasses by the refrigerator, silverware by the stove, bowls next to the sink? Is it taking too long to unload the dishwasher because nothing is near it? Or is your kitchen simply short on storage space?

Avoid getting your dishes and utensils scattered all over the kitchen by organizing your cabinets. I know this doesn’t sound like the most enjoyable way to spend a weekend, but it will be well worth it the next time you clear the dishwasher or entertain for the up- coming holidays.

First, take stock of where you stock your dishes. Begin by grouping all of your different items, such as cooking utensils, small appliances, kitchen gadgets, flatware, glasses, and most importantly, the dishes. The simple formula to any organization project is to remember that everything has a place and everything in its place. If you are suffering from kitchen disorganization, a few simple ideas will help. Small kitchens especially will show the slightest disorganization.

Get mileage out of your kitchen cabinets; be creative. Stemware can be stored by placing every other glass upside down. Place most frequently used items on the bottom shelves of a cabinet that is the most convenient to reach. Arrange the cabinet’s interior shelves to accommodate your different size dishes, by nesting bowls and casseroles, thus saving space.

think cabinet organizers are a godsend; they’re designed to hold plates, bowls, cups, and saucers, and provide easy access by way of slide-out trays. Made from heavy-duty chrome wire or wood and wire, organizers keep everything in order and protect your dishes. Peg-style organizers insert into a drawer using a base plate and wooden dowels that are positioned into predrilled holes to create custom storage for all your dishware. You can also install rack-style dinnerware organizers for a drawer or cabinet. These feature heavy wire racks that open and close easily on extending slides. These features can be installed in corners, drawers, and cabinets with styles and designs that fit nicely in the kitchen. Consider installing them with your next remodel.

Freestanding pieces like hutches and armoires are beautiful ways to stock those dishes and give style to your kitchen. They provide plenty of storage options. A hutch for your dining area for the fine china is a great storage solution. Keep your linens, place mats, napkins, and tablecloths in an armoire near the table and keep the drawers in the kitchen free for that new peg-style organizer insert you have planned to install.

Organizing your cabinet spaces, or maybe even installing new cabinets, could be the key to taking stock of where you stock your dishes, saving you time for other chores, and creating stress-free entertainment in the days to come.

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