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Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Over recent years, the trend in kitchen sinks has been towards large, single bowl sinks instead of traditional sinks with two sides divided by a separation wall in the middle. The standard double bowl sink has a drain in either side. The newer, single bowl sinks might be thought of as “double wides,” because they are generally about the same overall size as the more familiar double bowl variety, but they offer a larger interior and have a single drain.

Is the trend changing back towards double-bowl models? Here are our findings:

Kohler, a leading supplier of designer and architectural grade plumbing fixtures, still features more of the single-bowl models. In most of their kitchen gallery photos featuring sink products, dual sinks are featured – but these are usually two different sinks in two different areas of the kitchen. An island sink in addition to the main one in one example. In each of the Traditional and Contemporary gallery sections, there is one model of a double-bowl sink; none appears in the Eclectic section.

Sinks USA offers a wide variety of double-bowl sinks. The newest of these are designed with the two bowls in different sizes – one side is usually about 2/3 of the overall sink width, with the second size being considerably smaller, or about 1/3 of the overall width of the sink fixture. This style is called “offset double bowl,” and each side has its own drain.

Bath & Kitchen Studio shows sinks in both varieties. Their comment about single bowl sinks is that these are recommended if you use a lot of pots and pans and need the larger, single bowl for ease of use. They say that, “double bowl sinks are the most common sink configuration in today’s kitchens. You can either have two bowls of the same size or one can be larger than the other. The advantages of the double bowl are that the double bowl system allows more than one person to be at the sink, and also allows you to multi-task. For example, you can be doing food preparation on one side and utilizing the garbage disposal. On the other side, you can be washing or drying dishes. It is very versatile.”

Double Kitchen Sink offers “Best in Class Double Kitchen Sinks.” Their preference for the double bowl sink is obvious, in that their commitment to the style is strong enough to devote their entire business to it. They also feature a blog for discussions about kitchen sinks.

Ira Wood & Sons lets you shop for sinks by number of bowls. They offer single, double, and triple bowl varieties. Of their most popular styles, the jury is out as far as most popular in terms of number of bowls – 3 are double bowl and 3 are single bowl.

An overall conclusion that might be drawn from this exploration is that the type of sink you choose is – like everything else – a matter of taste. If you are shopping for a new sink, your first consideration is your plumbing configuration. Once you have taken that into account, your options are just about unlimited for the sink itself.

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