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What Are Your Options for Green Kitchen Cabinetry?

There are several options available to home builders and remodelers interested in green cabinetry. And the accessibility of choices is rapidly increasing as green building grows in popularity. As global consciousness of ecological issues expands, so does its effect on personal decisions for home improvement. There is an ecological impact from almost every item in a house, and increasingly more homeowners are aware of this and turning to more eco-friendly alternatives

One of the many areas in which you can go green is kitchen cabinetry. Considering the negative effects of rampant deforestation around the world, many buyers are abandoning traditional hardwood and wood composite materials for rapidly renewable materials and recycled or salvaged products, despite their often higher costs. Although many green products are more durable than traditional choices.

As for rapidly renewable options, bamboo and wheatboard are the two most popular materials. Bamboo is a leader in green cabinetry because of its excellent longevity and aesthetic value. Bamboo, which is actually a grass, has a hardness rating that is 50% greater than most hardwoods. And bamboo forests regenerate in a matter of years rather than decades like trees. In fact, bamboo not only tolerates cutting, it thrives on it, regenerating stronger and thicker than before.

Wheatboard is another fine option for green cabinets. It is made of recycled wheat chaff and no formaldehyde is used in binding. Wheatboard exceeds industry standards for particle board and has an ideal surface for painting. It is lighter and more moisture resistant than medium density fiberboard (MDF), its wooden counterpart, and is fast becoming more accessible in the United States.

>Even if you are set on wood products you can still green your cabinets. Perhaps you can find a local cabinet maker, which would eliminate shipping and fuel emissions and support your local economy. If you use a wooden particle board, find one that is not made with formaldehyde resin. You can do a little or a lot to make your kitchen green, but every bit counts.

It is easy to explore green cabinet makers and suppliers online or you can ask your contractor about green options available in your area.

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