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6 of the Most Popular Home Additions

Who doesn’t love a little (or a lot of) extra space? Room to spread your wings and breathe easily. An additional closet, an extra bathroom or a place to entertain. When homeowners sit down to plan, what room do they most often have in mind? The best additions enhance your home’s comfort and increase its resale value at the same time. More bang for your buck!

The most popular additions are family and bonus rooms, while bathrooms top the list out of necessity. For smart add-ons, look at what the home needs as opposed to what you want and consider if you can have both. If not, needs most likely need to come first.

The votes are in! Here are the “Senior Superlatives” of home additions:

#1 - “Best all Around” in adding value to your home and calming family discord is the bathroom addition. When house hunting, our two questions usually mesh into one, “How many bedrooms and how many baths?” If the answer is one bathroom, we will most likely walk away. Even for a two-bathroom home, we may groan loudly if anyone has to share the space. Convenience and increased home value puts bathrooms at the top of the list.

#2 - “Most Popular” on most homeowner’s lists at the moment is the family or bonus room. It’s a place for the gang to gather around the pool table for a tournament, or cozy up in front of the big screen with a bowl of popcorn. Equipment collects in this room for all sorts of activities, including games, puzzles, exercise equipment and card tables. Call it the entertainment room, the exercise room, the recreation room or just call it the FUN room.

#3 - “Brightest” are those sunroom and porch additions that come with lots of windows, indoor & outdoor comfy, cushioned furniture, and hopefully a good book. If you want sunlight, this is the room for you and yours. Add it on and “let the sun shine in.”

#4 - “Most Likely to Succeed” in the business world is the home office. This room gives the telecommuter space, time and privacy to work without sacrificing the conveniences of home. As more companies offer work-from-home as an option, an increased number of homeowners are budgeting for their “office away from the office” additions.

#5 -Most Dependable is the living quarters for aging parents. A survey by the National Home Builders Association reports nearly one-fourth of upscale homes - those over 4,000 square feet - have a mother-in-law suite in their plan. And homes that don’t often add it on. The room may include a sitting area, separate outside entrance and kitchenette.

#6 - “Most Useful,” and probably most likely to fill up first, are the extra storage space add-ons like closets, storage buildings and garages. They’re great solutions for a full house to relieve some stress - at least until they’re full too. It’s a space for all the extraneous stuff that comes along with having a house, like a lawn mower and weed eater, and for items that come along with having kids, like bikes and pedal cars.

And finally, think before you grab a planner or a hammer:

  • Try to add comfort and value at the same time
  • Don’t overprice the neighborhood
  • Decide on your budget before you begin

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