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Perfect Party Houses

In some circles, the perfect party house would have rubber floors and walls, unbreakable windows, and suspended foot harnesses in the kitchen for keg stands. But, for the purposes of the larger, remodeling sector of society, let’s tone it down a bit. The perfect party house will take full advantage of space and environment. It will function almost as a breezeway for guests to amble here and there. In other words, if for just one night, the perfect party house will feel like Cloud 9.

Open for Business

As you know, the business of partying is an American tradition, and nothing caters to that business like an open floor plan. As a party host, the last thing you want is several small cliques trapped in several small rooms. Passage from the kitchen (food & drink) to the great room (televised sports/conversation) to the patio/deck/backyard (fresh air) should be made easy. This will, of course, require a certain continuity of style and design throughout.

Be careful not to clutter the open space with too much furniture (although it’s a good idea to have some chairs in reserve). Lots of clutter facilitates accidents which facilitate stained furniture and carpet. A good mix of standing room and seating is perfect. The perfect party house will also have high ceilings, probably vaulted or cathedral, to give a sense of size and plenty of air circulation.

Party Favors

Since we are talking about the perfect party house, there is no excluding the luxuries. Famous party-house additions include but are not limited to:

  • Game On in the Game Room: billiards, ping-pong, card table, darts, even more televisions. Classic, standing arcade games are an excellent touch (Who wouldn’t love a quick game of Asteroids?)
  • A Patio for the Ages: A swimming pool would be essential in the perfect party house. Throw in an outdoor bar, a pontoon boat (for the lakeside party houses), or a putting green and you start making perfection drool. Finish it off with solar LED lighting for guidance and accent.
  • A Landscape with Scope: Landscaping is vital to the perfect party house. Stone garden paths winding between tall bushes (think: royal English garden) and trees provide intimacy for guests (perhaps even a host!) who’d like a moment apart. Of course, we can’t forget those guests with a sporting nature. Possibly working an open area, with a natural border, for the expenditure of energy would be a big plus.

The truth is the perfect party house is your perfect party house. These are just a few perfect party possibilities. If you’re ready to get your party started, it all begins with a free estimate from your local remodeling contractor.

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