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From Treehouse to Architectural “Folly,” Remodeling Ideas for the Kid in You

With all the troubles and turbulence in the world, what better time to honor the childlike spirit inside of you? And what better way than doing some remodeling to keep that bright, carefree part of you alive and thriving?

Of course there are the obvious play-enhancers, such as rec rooms, game and billiard rooms, indoor gyms, and swimming pools. Why not stretch your imagination for the fun of it and consider some really playful options? Here are some light-hearted ideas to give playful inspiration to the kid in you.

Add or Convert a Room for Arts and Crafts

If you love to paint, sew, or play around with other arts and crafts, it’s worth dedicating a space to these playful pastimes. HGTV.com shows a gallery of 7 photos, with the focus on well-organized, functional rooms that support the creative you.

Country Living has a gallery of idea-filled spaces, too. “A well thought-out ‘play’ room of one’s own reaps many rewards. Organize your workroom around decorating solutions that do double duty without doubling the volume, too. Designate stations for supplies. This will help your space run efficiently. And prioritize counter spaceā€¦”

Build a Treehouse in Your Backyard

Did you know that there’s a World Treehouse Association? That’s a sure sign that a lot of people love to get above the every-day-world and have fun up in the trees. At Treehouse Construction, you can learn how to select the best tree for your treehouse, and discover all kinds of treehouse types and building plans. You can rent one for vacationing, too, in southern Oregon.

WebUrbanist.com features ten fabulous treehouses in all kinds of designs and styles, from rustic to space age.

Include an Architectural Folly on Your Grounds

The Folly Pages tell us that “buildings curious and bizarre, unusual, idiosyncratic, eccentric, outrageous, or simply odd architecture built by people with a passion for building are called Follies. This website features a list of books about follies; most of the books are full of photos.

In an article called Victorian Follies, Adele Kenny says that an architectural folly “captures the imagination and delights the eye with spectacularly curious, idiosyncratic, and sometimes outrageously odd structures. The word folly itself is synonymous with foolishness and silliness.” Her article contains many interesting tidbits about follies. As a final note on the fun of remodeling for the kid in you, here are the words of Lord Berner of his own folly at Faringdon (in the UK), “The great point of this tower is that it will be entirely useless.”

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