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Creating A Great Guest Room

Unless you have my grandfather’s philosophy of “company is like fish, after three days they began to stink,” you probably want your guest room to be as comfortable and accommodating as possible. Not only will your guests enjoy their stay, but entertaining will be easier for you as well. You feel kind of bad if all you have to offer your guests is a futon in the office and they get to share the kid’s bathroom. Or, in actuality, stand in line and fight for it. To get your guest room started on the right track, try following the following general steps.

Make a plan. Start with an empty room, and formulate your plan. Is the room big enough and does it have adequate closet space? What about adding a bathroom; why not create the ultimate bed & breakfast appeal with a private bath?

Do the basics. Work from the top down, painting your walls and ceiling warm alluring colors. Choose comfortable, yet durable flooring. Carpet is the most comfortable for bedrooms, although a wood floor with radiant heat beneath can be comfortable as well.

Don’t forget lighting and ventilation. Make sure your room has well-placed lighting to create a cozy and cheerful environment. Natural lighting is best during the day, so add plenty of windows. Nothing ruins an environment quite like stale odors; windows will help to add ventilation. Add bedside lamps for reading or wall sconces for soft evening light.

Add a touch of royalty. What better way to create a really luxurious experience than with a romantic fireplace? There are several designs that are quite easy to install and really add to the ambiance. Many of these units are quite beautiful, and can even be incorporated into other cabinetry, such as a built-in entertainment center. Or, how about a corner unit above a Jacuzzi tub?

Include some entertainment. The fireplace is crackling, the candles are flickering in the sconces, and your guests have just finished a relaxing soak in their private bath. Now, they can read or how about watching a little TV on that new plasma television suspended in the corner? If your guests are tech savvy, they may also appreciate a data port or wireless capability.

Incorporate a personal touch. The finishing touches are the key. Decorate with some tasteful art. Fill the room with all the comforts of home including: soft towels, soaps, lotions, a coffee pot, and even a hair dryer. If you really want to score some points, you can even include robes and slippers in the closet.

After a truly relaxing evening, your guests sleep wonderfully on the comfortable king size bed you’ve provided. They wake in the morning to the songs of the birds splashing happily in the birdbath on the veranda outside the French doors. They grab a cup of coffee, and breathe in the fresh air as they step out onto your flower sprinkled patio. Come to think of it, if you create a room this comfortable, your guests may never want to leave! Obviously, these are just a few ideas of what you can do with a guest room. You can work with your contractor to create a comfortable room to fit your needs and budget. Request a free-estimate from a certified contractor today.

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