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5 Ways to Enjoy a Spring Shower without Getting Wet

Spring rains bring life to your garden that welcomes birds to dance and chirp. Showers are amazing in the spring as you witness everything turn green before your eyes. But, what if you’re missing out on all the beauty because you have small windows or your home doesn’t have a patio overhang? Don’t fret: here are 5 ideas to help you enjoy spectacular spring rains.


Sunrooms are a great investment in your home. This is a room you can use year round to enjoy the wonders of nature, and it’s a great way to increase living space. Sunrooms are glass constructed rooms that come in various sizes and styles and you have the option of enclosing with screens to let cool breezes in during nice weather. The average cost for a sunroom is about $30,000, of which nearly 60 percent is recouped upon selling your home. For more detailed information on types of sunrooms visit our article:


Wooden patio overhangs

Many homes are built like a box with no front or backyard overhangs. If you want to enjoy a nice cigar after dinner but it’s raining outside, the garage is the only overhead relief. Adding a patio overhang will enhance the value of your home, keep you shaded during summer months, and allow you to enjoy the spring rains.

Patio awnings

A patio awning is a very stylish solution for an overhang and costs much less than a wooden patio overhang. There are two types of patio awnings: fixed and retractable.

Fixed is permanently attached to a structure and is less expensive than retractable awnings. They’re also less likely to need repairs when compared with retractable awnings.

Retractable awnings allow you the best of both worlds; to have a patio cover or not, and at a moment’s notice. It’s a very stylish solution that makes use of a mechanical system that rolls up the canvas when it’s not needed, thus providing protection from fading. They’re more expensive than fixed awnings but easier to use. If you’re on a tight budget you can choose manually powered vs. the more expensive electric powered.


A gazebo adds old fashioned charm and enhances your landscape while providing you a place to relax and enjoy spring showers. You can build it yourself or hire a carpenter or you can buy ready-built or pre-assembled. Prices vary widely because no two gazebos are alike and come in a wide range of sizes and materials. Here’s a great site to gather design ideas: www.gazebos.com

Bay windows

Designed to create a niche and highlight a dramatic view of a lake or garden, bay windows provide a perfect solution for enjoying spring showers. They’re often designed with built-in window seats so you can curl up with a hot cup of cocoa. Prices vary widely because they come in a multitude of sizes and styles. A standard 3 foot high by 6 foot wide vinyl clad 30-degree casement bay window will run from $800 to $1,100.

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