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Maintaining your Fence

Properly maintaining your fence is important to ensure its longevity, but the job can be quite time-consuming. The workload varies based on the material the fence is made out of, and whether or not it was properly installed to begin with.

Depending on the fencing material, you may have pest infiltration to deal with, rot, and reinforcement issues. Sometimes, it can be as simple as applying a little paint or replacing a board. Other times, it may require more work such as sandblasting, pouring concrete support, or completely replacing a portion. Each fencing material poses different considerations to contend with.

  • Wood fencing. Cedar, fir, and bamboo are all commonly used in wood fencing. It helps to apply a protective sealant to your wood fencing just after installation and before staining or painting. After this, you should reapply paint or stain about every two years.
  • Vinyl fencing. Vinyl fencing is made from polyvinyl chloride, titanium dioxide and acrylic impact modifiers. Vinyl is almost maintenance free, and doesn’t require painting or staining. Many manufacturers offer long warranties because it is such a care-free product.
  • Wrought iron fencing. Wrought iron does require more maintenance, but its unmistakable beauty more than makes up for the extra effort. It takes a very long time for wrought iron to rust, and instead of leaving it unattended to until it reaches that point, periodic inspections can save you a lot of work and expense in the long term. If you do notice rust beginning to take hold in your inspections, it should be removed by heat repair completed by a professional. Iron should be repainted at least one a year, and the joints sealed occasionally to prevent moisture infiltration.
  • Chain link fencing. Chain link fencing is very affordable and durable. It typically comes pre-coated in a galvanized coating and should last for a very long time. If your coating fails and the fencing begins to rust, it probably will be cheaper to replace than to repair.

Before spending endless hours trying to repair and maintain a dilapidating fence, it may be a better approach to simply replace the fencing. At least request free, no-obligation estimates from pre-certified contractors in your area to decide the best course of action to take.

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