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Stone, Cement, and Metal Accents on Your Fence

Fencing is often an indispensable addition to your landscaping for defining property boundaries, retaining pets, protecting children, and maintaining privacy. Definitely a necessity, why not make it as attractive as possible? Adding some decorative accents is a great way to do this. Depending on the style and material your fence is constructed out of, the accent pieces can come in stone, cement and metal.

Stone. Stone fencing products are very similar to concrete in that they are pre-cast into various shapes and designs. They can consist of both real and imitation stone, and can incorporate the whole fence or just accentuate certain places. Look for post-caps, posts, and carnes.

Cement. Working with cement products offers many design options. The accessories can be pre-cast in molds and dyed to produce eye-catching decorative touches that can be incorporated into a fence of a different material or a complete concrete fence. You can either purchase these accessories pre-manufactured, or your contractor can create some as he or she goes.

Metal. Normally the fences that would include metalaccents would be those made of wrought iron. More decorative than chain link, wrought iron is used both as fencing and porch railing. In order to be decorative, it must be welded and formed into decorative shapes. Some of the accents you can incorporate into the panels include panel inserts, finials, post tops, decorative pickets,and baskets. For an exceptionally elegant look, you can use brass accessories.

Although we have only highlighted three options in this article, there are many fascinating options available for wood and vinyl fences as well. You are also not confined to only using the material that the rest of your fence is constructed out of. Mixing and matching different designs is not only quite common, but creates a very intriguing look. An example of this would be the combination of brick and wrought iron. Some cities will only allow solid fences to a certain level. By using brick or another solid material on the bottom, you can extend the height of the fence with iron rods. This forms a beautiful and decorative combination that circumvents the restraints placed upon you.

There is no reason your fence can not be beautiful as well as practical. Request free estimates from professional fencing contractors today to either install new fencing or to dress-up your existing fence.

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