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Rise of the Colored Chandelier

Chandeliers are a time-tested addition to elegant living spaces. Their low, inviting glow and lustrous glimmer have warmed up homes for centuries. In the modern world of home design and decoration, chandeliers have taken on a more colorful quality. The sleeker, more vibrant design of colored chandeliers fits well with today’s on-the-go homeowner.

More Color, Less Fuss

Colored chandeliers may be constructed of stainless steel, resin, or other metals, with the crystals bringing a variety of colors into the equation. Crystals are commonly red, blue, even black and many shades in between. They work well with the simple, modern design that dominates today’s furniture, flooring, and other design features.

Modern chandeliers tend to be a bit less ornate, having less lights and crystals and designed more to blend in with rather than dominate their surroundings. This trend usually demands supplemental light sources for situations requiring more than just mood lighting, although brighter bulbs connected to electronic dimmer switches allow homeowners to adapt lighting levels to the situation and have better control of energy efficiency.

The sleek design of colored chandelier also means easier maintenance (dusting, etc.), another plus for busy homeowners. But the real and unique appeal of colored chandeliers is in the crystals.

Choose Your Crystals Wisely

If you’re looking for a colored chandelier it is important to go in with the room’s overall design at the forefront of your mind. If the room is full of vibrant colors, then some stand-out crystals are in order; perhaps the deep reds, blues, or greens that may be available. For a more laid back, toned down interior, go for more subdued crystals, even tending toward the traditional.

The architecture of the house is also important, along with your changing tastes. Colored chandeliers are more of an accent on the architecture and color of the home, rather than its defining attribute.

Does a Colored Chandelier Belong in Your Home?

Location is also important for any chandelier. Places where friends and family gather are optimal, while a home library, kitchen or other place that requires high level lighting may not be the best choice. Also remember that trends are trends, not rules. A colored chandelier is not for every home nor every person. Always put your personal, or familial, preferences ahead of any trend. The last thing you want is a chandelier which you cannot stand, yet grabs all the attention.

In response to the growing preference for colored chandeliers, many high-end chandelier makers have released new lines of colored chandeliers in the last few years. So there’s no need to buy some chintzy, novelty number. Colored chandeliers and colored crystals can be high-class too.

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