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Movable Track Lighting in the Studio, Kitchen, and Garage

Track lighting holds several advantages that can be utilized in any home. Home artist studios, kitchens, and garages are especially popular places for track lighting for one, all-important reason: mobility. The versatility and flexibility of movable track lighting is appealing because it allows customization at a moment’s notice.

Traditional track lighting consists of a light or lights attached to a movable base attached to a straight track mounted on the wall or ceiling. That is the basic idea. However, newer track lighting has built on that design. Track lights now come on winding tracks with all sorts of bends. Tracks and lights even come in a variety of colors.

In the Studio

Many artists list movable track lighting as an essential part of their perfect art retreat. Lighting is extremely important for artists, even those that prefer darker environs. Casting the right amount of light, at the right angle, can help the artist perfect the tints and hues of the paints and the overall tone of the artwork. An artist with the freedom of movable track lighting tends to be a happier artist.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is an on-the-move kind of place. You are dicing celery here, baking chicken there, adding a dash of this, frying a slice of that. It is hard enough to keep up with the fast pace of cooking without the added frustration of shadows and obstructed light. This leads to sliced fingers and burnt chicken. Movable track lighting or, perhaps in this case, task lighting, gives control so that you can actually see what you’re doing. I doubt there’s a chef in the world who would turn it down.

In the Garage

Okay, let’s not forget all those garage mechanics and DIY nuts out there. There are many moments when working on a car that the light must be in the right spot. Now imagine being able to move and set that light just where it belongs, and no one has to hold it up until their arm falls off.

Even the woodworker has it made. Now he can take the light with him from task to task as that new coffee table takes shape. Again, movable track lighting not only adds convenience but safety as well.

While the simpler forms of track lighting can often be self-installed, the more complex the design, the wiser it becomes to hire a professional electrician to do the install. The number one rule of electricity and DIY projects is know your limits. Get free estimates from certified electricians today.

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