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Broan Recessed Lighting Fan

If mold has snuck into your home and taken up residence in your bathroom (or anywhere else that moisture lurks), then it’s probably time to show it who’s boss. This recessed lighting fan from Broan can help you bring out the big guns without being too conspicuous.

Besides its brilliant ability to blend into the surroundings, this contraption is smart, too. It can sense when humidity is collecting in an area and will remedy the problem by turning on its quiet ventilation fan. And thankfully, it will shut off once the humidity has leveled.

If you aren’t entirely convinced, perhaps its 10 industry awards and Energy Star qualification can do the trick. Because it can sense when to turn itself on and off, it can cut down considerably on energy costs for those who forget to turn off the fan when leaving a room. In fact, it costs only $1 per year to run. How can you beat that?

In addition, by putting the kibosh on humidity before it becomes a problem, areas of the home that tend to collect moisture won’t have to undergo costly mold and mildew removal. Most bathrooms already have recessed lighting, so why not have it go to work for you?

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