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Wood Decking Options

When spring approaches, our thoughts turn to outdoor activities and our imaginations run wild with dreams of pleasant summer evenings. A welcoming front porch, a large back deck for family fun, or a private balcony with a cozy hot tub all sound wonderful emerging from the confines of winter. The addition of decking to your home can add style, definition, and facilitate numerous open-air activities. There are many decking materials available, but today we’ll highlight some of the popular wood options.

Building your deck out of a wood product can add natural beauty to your home, plus bring the relaxing scent of cool forest to your backyard. Despite their natural beauty, concerns of high-maintenance and deterioration often deter consumers from choosing wood decking. However, there are some notable new products that make wood a sensible selection again.

Treated Wood: Typically milled from young pine or cedar trees, treated woods are an affordable decking option. Requiring a certain amount of maintenance, this option will need to be water-treated every couple of years for optimum durability. Treated with organic and copper preservatives, it is considered fairly safe. However, it does contain some synthetic preservatives. Not completely eco-friendly, treated wood cannot be burned and must be disposed of in a landfill.

Naturally Durable Wood: A more eco-friendly choice, naturally durable wood is milled from young or tropical trees. Only treated with natural preservatives, this product can be disposed of by burning. A slightly more expensive option, this wood will be insect and fungi resistant for years with proper treatment. Maintenance includes periodic cleaning and water-treatment.

Wood/Polymer Composite: Although a more expensive choice, wood/polymer is a great green selection. A combination of recycled plastic and wood sawdust, this product is recyclable, durable, and low-maintenance.

Wood Decking Tiles: A beautiful decking option, these wooden tiles snap together to create elegant designs for a unique look. Made from Bangkirai or Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) wood slats, these decks are highly resistant to the most extreme weather conditions, and are fire and insect resistant as well. Perhaps their best feature, these tiles can easily be installed over existing decks or patios. They are manufactured by HandyDeck Systems Inc.

Consult one of our certified decking and patio contractors today for a free estimate. In selecting your decking material, be sure to look for lumber certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which ensures that the product you are purchasing comes from a forest that is sustainable, socially beneficial, and economically viable.


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