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Up on the Rooftop Deck

Even homeowners who live in the heart of downtown need a little outdoor space. In fact it was that feeling of enclosure that led millions of homeowners to the suburbs, but now urbanity is back as we try to reign in urban sprawl.

So, you are looking for a place to relax outdoors. But looking left and right you see that you are surrounded on all sides by other homes or public easements. You are left with only one other place to look…up. That’s right, look up at your newly remodeled rooftop deck.

Why the rooftop deck? There are several benefits:

  • They take up little space. There is a whole lot more room to build up than over in the modern city.
  • Hang out among the trees. Rooftop decks provide a getaway on sunny days and a great place for parties.
  • What a view you can get from a rooftop, whether it be a view of the horizon or the stars from your rooftop hot tub!
  • Huge selling points these decks are. They can be expensive to build depending on your home’s structural integrity and how elaborate you want it, but those costs are often recovered by homeowners who later sell the home.

These are just a few. Every luxury or personal twist you add to the design of your rooftop deck will make it all the more enjoyable for you. Rooftop decks can be quite an undertaking and are largely dependent on your design. You may get away with a basic deck for under $5,000 or you could go all out and spend $50,000. The point is: find a good architect.

It is vital that you acquire a building permit for a rooftop deck. Complex structural issues are certain to be factors. An architect will help you design the deck and will be aware of local building codes that will make the process easier. Then you’ll have to find a qualified contractor to do the work. Get the ball rolling with free deck estimates today.

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