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Non-Wood, Alternative Decking

Are you tired of maintaining that old, faded wood deck? Although wood decks are nostalgic and full of natural beauty, they can require a lot of maintenance. For the busy homeowner, there are many beautiful alternatives to wood that are eco-friendly as well. Here’s a handful to get you perusing.

Plastic Lumber: Made from recycled plastics, plastic lumber is durable, easy to maintain, and eco-friendly.

Trex Decking: Perhaps one of the most popular alternatives to wood, Trex decking is composed of recycled products. Available in many colors, Trex decking is waterproof, durable, insect-resistant, does not splinter, and requires very little maintenance. The Trex Company also offers the most design options, and backs its product with a 25-year warranty.

Aluminum Decking: A unique look, aluminum decking brags a complete watertight system, low maintenance, no painting, fading, or slippage. Because of its watertight feature, the company points out the additional under-deck space provided by using this product. Assured not to leak, you can create additional storage or add attractive landscaping to your aluminum deck.

Virgin Vinyl: Vinyl decking is another alternative to wood. Not as popular as the composite choices, vinyl can also be more expensive. Unlike the heavier composites, vinyl is hollow and has a different feel. It is advisable to walk on the product and test the feel of the material before you make your decision.

When selecting your decking material, it is important to choose a product that is heat resistant in the summer and is the right color. Lighter colors will be cooler in the summer heat, but can also be too bright on the eyes and more likely to get dirty. Grays and tans are a good choice for both temperature control and eye appeal.

With wood alternatives at hand, having a deck on your home no longer has to be a problemsome liability. A deck should signify rest, relaxation, and family time, not repair and maintenance. Even if the initial cost is higher than that of a wood product, a longer lifespan and less maintenance easily offsets the costs. Call one of our certified landscape and design contractors today to plan your decking project.


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