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Tips to Create a Beautiful, Concrete Entryway

Concrete has long been a favorite for driveways, patios, and pathways. In the past couple of years, it has become an interior favorite as well. The entryway probably endures more traffic than any other room in the house. Why not choose a flooring material that is durable, easy to clean, and looks great with just a simple pass of a broom?

There are a few skilled techniques required to create those beautiful designs you have admired and want to duplicate.

  • Acid Staining. Acid stains are a combination of water, hydrochloric acid, and metallic salts. This combination reacts to the lime in concrete, creating beautiful colors and finishes that can imitate the look of other natural stones.
  • Stenciling. Stencilingdesigns into concrete can truly be a work of art. The artist can create stunning designs and color combinations that you would never imagine could be created out of concrete.
  • Polishing. By the use of special grinders and polishers, concrete can be ground, polished and dyed into a smooth, low-maintenance surface.
  • Decorative Engraving. This process is a wonderful solution to dress up older, unattractive concrete. Designs are carved into the existing concrete and then dyed and sealed to perfect the look.
  • Dyes. Concrete can either be dyed during installation through pigment augmentation, or afterwards through special stains.

Caring for your concrete floor is relatively simple, but a few steps should be followed for best results. If the concrete has not been sealed, basic soap, water and a scrub brush work the best for surface dirt. If more muscle is required, add some ammonia to the water. Most interior concrete surfaces are either polished, sealed, or both. If this is the case, you can maintain it by using a simple polish, or purchasing a special product from a manufacturer.

Concrete flooring is a healthy choice as well. Easy to keep clean, it will not trap dirt, pollens, dust mites, and pet dander as will carpet. It is also easy to change if you ever grow tired of the look. You can easily install wood, carpet, or vinyl flooring over concrete just as you would if it were unfinished. With proper installation by a professional concrete contractor, you will have a stunning, unique entryway that your guests will not soon forget.

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