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Transform Concrete with Paint

Many homes have cement in some form either inside or out. Whether it is a porch, sidewalk, patio, entryway, floor, or countertop, cement looks a whole lot better if painted, sealed, or finished in some attractive form. Decorative cement is becoming more poplar and easier to achieve. It used to be that you could only achieve those beautiful concrete surfaces with the initial installation, but thanks to modern innovations and new techniques, you can now transform your old concrete at any point.

Proper preparation is important.
If you are painting over older or already painted concrete, you need to properly prepare the surface ahead of time. Begin by removing old paint with either a pressure-washer or a paint remover. Use a heavy-duty cleaner to completely remove any oils or stains. Concrete tends to absorb moisture, so be sure the cement is completely dry before re-painting; otherwise the paint will peel or chip easily. You can purchase high-quality outdoor deck and porch paint that should be more durable and less prone to such problems.

Choosing the right paint, stain, or sealant.
There are many choices available just at your local paint store that include clear finishes, stains, paints, and additives for enhancements. If you just want a solid, heavy-duty paint for a garage, porch or basement floor, there are multiple colors to choose from. For more decorative designs, there are porous stains in many warm colors to add texture along with color to a formally drab surface. Enhancements can also be added to bring texture or design.

Applying custom techniques.
A more custom look can also be obtained through painting cement; although many techniques require a skilled professional. First apply the color with an epoxy resin, then seal with a urethane varnish to achieve a smooth finish.

The options discussed above are all relatively simple methods that do-it-yourselfers can tackle for a weekend project. If you are picturing something more elaborate such as stenciling, etching, or creating artistic designs, there are many skilled cement contractors who can create awe-inspiring creations that will really set your home apart from others. Whatever your project, request free-estimates from pre-certified concrete professionals in your area for best results.

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