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Wooden Tubs and Sinks

We’re all familiar with wooden toilet seats, but the thought of other wooden bathroom fixtures is a fairly new concept in America. Natural and unique, as well as eco-friendly, wooden bathtubs and sinks are beginning to grow in popularity. Strikingly beautiful, are they durable and affordable as well?

Being wood, the first concern is durability and longevity. It would stand to reason that the wood would breakdown over time as it absorbs moisture. Some critics warn that the wood will warp, crack and rot and must be treated with a waterproof fiberglass or polyurethane glaze. In refutation of this accusation, wood fixture manufacturers claim their products are kiln-dried for minimal moisture content and then expertly sealed with numerous coats of clear varnish. Many also offer lifetime warranties against any cracking or warping, alleviating any lingering concern for the consumer. As more evidence of their durability, wooden fixtures have been popular in Europe for years.

Made from woods harvested from renewable forests, these fixtures are biodegradable and easier to dispose of than porcelain or acrylic. The composition of the wood also retains heat longer than other materials, and is therefore more energy efficient.

Available in teak, light birch, dark cherries, and mahogany, these tubs and sinks are truly a work of art. Hand-sculpted into circles, rectangles and ovals, they are simply beautiful and well worth the investment.

If you really want a unique look that makes a stunning impression, selecting wooden fixtures for your bathroom is an excellent choice. As the claw foot tub and pedestal sink were to the 19th and 20th centuries, so are wooden fixtures for the green-conscious 21st century. Call one of our certified contractors today to receive an estimate for your bathroom remodel.


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