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Sleek, White Bathrooms by Agape

Language may be a barrier when it comes to a lot of things, but good design isn’t one of them. Case in point: this innovative bathroom line from Agape. Take a look for yourself.

Part of what makes Agape’s designs stand out from others is their extensive use of wall mounting for the majority of their products. These washbasins (sinks as we call them in the good ol’ USA), are no exception. Interested? They are listed on their website as novecento-cer962.

Agape bathroom tub

Functionality meets sleek design with this one-of-a-kind bathtub. This particular model can be reconfigured to fit perfectly in any space.

Agape bathroom cabinets

Sick of fighting for counter space? Maybe extra storage could help. This wall-mounted cabinet (model 320-MOB320) can be ordered in two widths with the choice of light, medium or dark oak finish. If you really want to get crazy, you can also opt for grey, orange, green or white.

Agape bathroom cabinets

This two-in-one mirror/bathroom cabinet can serve double-duty for small spaces or large spaces alike. It can also be customized with the choice of light, medium or dark oak veneer, along with polished or brushed stainless steel for the interior partitions.

Agape bathroom lighting

Shed a little light on the subject with these funky bad boys, named 4x4 Lights. With the choice of green, white or orange, they may not be your traditional bathroom lighting, but who wants traditional anyway?

This is just a glimpse of the products Agape has to offer. Clearly, good design is a universal concept…

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