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Vintage Furniture in the Bathroom

More and more homeowners are spicing up drab bathrooms with one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. Bathrooms are a wonderful place to incorporate old furniture but, as with every issue, there are pros and cons.

Cons (I like starting with the bad news; that way, we end on a good note!)

  1. Older finishes often contain toxic chemicals, like lead paint and formaldehyde.
  2. Furniture from yesteryear may not survive constant levels of high moisture. Moisture can make wood rot, warp and twist, making it difficult to open and close drawers, or worse, ruin a piece completely.
  3. If you’re turning an antique into a sink base, make sure the piece can be modified for plumbing. Most of them can!
Vintage furniture bathroom remodeling


  1. Repurposing furniture helps the environment; no new trees were sacrificed, no other materials used. Recycling is always something to be proud of.
  2. While we have some unique and innovative furniture in the 2010 marketplace, there’s something to be said for traditional style – the rich character and design just can’t be duplicated. It can turn a boring bathroom into a high-end retreat.

You can usually find vintage items on the cheap. If you’re looking to save the planet and your finances while remodeling your bathroom, start with yard sales, thrift shops auctions or even curbside on garbage day - there’s no shortage.

Photo Credit: HGTV & Country Living

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