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Bathroom Tubs: Exploring the Unconventional

Bathroom tubs come in an endless variety of sizes, colors, and styles, and deciding on one can be daunting. But oh, the possibilities of design can be so fun; why not let your imagination go wild or a little unconventional? Why settle on the traditional square acrylic?

The first thing you will want to do, though, is know your style for the overall bathroom. Base your choice on your needs, desires, and budget. Think about the bathroom becoming a place of decompressing, a haven of peace and tranquility, or even a place for a touch of romance.

Now, let’s talk exotic and unconventional.

Teak Bathtubs. Now, you might think that wood and water don’t mix, and generally speaking, that’s true. However, that’s not the case here. Teak wood bathtubs are kiln dried, having low levels of moisture. This ensures that the wood won’t split or warp, even in extreme hot and cold conditions. It also keeps the wood from expanding or contracting, thus resulting in an enduring product that will last for years. The wood is beautiful and striking and makes a perfect choice for soaking bathtubs in Asian or Tropical decors.

Stone Bathtubs. These types of tubs are usually, for practical reasons, freestanding or pedestal tubs. They are more often than not for soaking. They come in natural stones like marble, limestone, or granite with grain patterns and color stains to give that exotic unique look. These tubs are a little spending as they are built by hand, but results are of exquisite beauty. Make this bathtub the focal point in your bathroom with a Mediterranean style. Be it Roman, Greek, Spanish, or Tuscan style, it will be a room you will never want to leave.

Roman Bathtubs. Think “ancient Roman baths.” Those baths were not only for bathing, but they were an art form, expressing the culture of the times. Tubs today do not take up whole buildings as they did in ancient times, but they still can reflect your taste in beauty and elegance. The tub is usually a soaking bath, deep and large, but it can have many accessories that will add to your comfort and peace. Make this tub a focal point with a tiled tub skirt of marble and you will have a work of art or even romance fitting with Old World or Tuscan style.

Clawfoot Bathtubs. These baths come in every possible color, design, and material: porcelain, stone, cast iron, and acrylic. They’re very comfortable tubs that can be made fit-to-size. Because of their curved shape, they allow for complete relaxation. Choose a double ended slipper tub and you can relax from either end of the tub. These tubs can be designed with many enhancements, like whirlpool jets. Add some fragrance oil and candles and oooh la la, you may never come out. This tub works very well with vintage styles like Country style, Romantic style and, with the right color choices, even Contemporary style.

Japanese Bathtubs: Ofuro is the proper name for this style of bath, which started with the volcanic baths in Japan. They are usually twice as large as the conventional style bathtub and are designed for sitting and soaking. Japanese baths are meant for relaxing rejuvenation. This tub should be the center of your bathroom. Because they’re purpose is stress relief and restoring good circulation and health, you can get this tub with control panels regulating water temperature, water pressure, and water flow. Obviously, this tub is perfect for the Asian style of decor, but you can fit it in with Contemporary style, Tropical style, and especially, Eclectic style.

Want to explore more styles, colors, shapes, and materials that go into the designs of unconventional bathtubs? Check out the videos at the HGTV website for bath design.

Whatever your choice in bathroom design, traditional or the unconventional, be sure to consult a professional for installation. There is much more to installing a bathtub or remodeling a bathroom than just dreaming of the perfect style; we can help and then you can enjoy! Style is important throughout your home; shouldn’t the bathroom have the same considerations?

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