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Trends in Modern Toilets

Some say we live in a disposable society. When something breaks we buy a new one. If it gets any sort of damage we throw it out and buy new. When we don’t like it anymore we replace it. But what about the toilet? Are they like diamonds? Should they be forever?

For the most parts toilets function the way they are supposed to (if installed properly) for the life of the home. Regardless, a home improvement project or just a bathroom remodel to bring your salon de bain into the twenty-first century may require you to peruse the plumbing aisle or cruise the commode catalog.

Today there are so many choices when it comes to choosing a toilet. Not only are we faced with the color and design options that have always been present, but we now have to select from among different technologies available in our toilets.

At the top of the line there’s a company selling elite toilets with an elementary name: Toto. For upwards of $5000 you can have a state-of-the art commode that will anticipate your potty habits so that it will lift the lid and heat the seat before you even realize you have to go. Other Toto toilets have sensors that will automatically flush for you and even one that will analyze your urine for blood sugar levels, body weight, and fat percentage.

Among the technologically advanced, homeowners can also opt for toilets with an automatic flushing mechanism, a cleansing spray, an mp3 docking station or different types of flushing systems.

One of the newest trends right now is something aimed at Baby Boomers. As the Boomer generation near or reach retirement age they may find getting off the toilet to be a challenge due to the low height. The bathroom marketplace now offers “comfort height commodes” - toilets that sit about three inches higher, making it easier to rise from.

While a warm tush and a no-need-to-touch-the-toilet experience sounds like a dream come true, it’s an expensive dream and there’s nothing to say that an inexpensive model at your neighborhood store won’t be just the thing you need.

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