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The Natural Bathroom

Do you remember those commercials on TV for hair color several years ago where the woman was ever so peacefully showering out in the middle of the woods? It seemed so tranquil and natural, and yet so absurd. There are, however, real ways in which you can have the peace and tranquility of nature in your bathroom, barring the trees, though.

Timeless Natural Stone Comes in Many Forms

Aside from nature’s beautiful flora, there is one natural resource that’s been around since the beginning of time and it makes a wonderful material for the bathroom: stone. You can use stone for the floors, the wall, the shower enclosure and vanity top and it comes in many different forms, including slate, granite, marble, travertine, and rock.

Concrete Flooring May Surprise You

If you’re going for a truly natural experience in your bathroom, consider what it is about nature that you find so pleasing. By using concrete for the flooring you can pretty much go anywhere from that point. One of the greatest aspects of having a concrete floor is that you can build the shower or room drain right into the floor. A concrete floor can be stamped, colored, painted, or simply sealed for any desired look.

Unconventional Shower Formation

Once you have your floor and shower drain in place, you’ll want to close in your shower - or maybe not. If you slope your floors ever-so-slightly toward the shower drain, you can have an open shower that doesn’t soak your entire bathroom (if the room is large enough to accommodate this). If you are more comfortable with an enclosed shower, you may want to consider a glass enclosure that gives a more open feel. For the shower floor, there’s nothing more natural to catch the splash of falling water than river rock. River rocks are large and smooth and the subtle texture is like having a foot massage when you stand on it.

Warm Colors Invite Serenity

For the rest of the room, try to select warm, earthy tones. You may find that white is just too stark to fit into the serenity of your natural bathroom. Tans, greens, and even blacks are much more tranquil. Your toilet, vanity, and other room fixtures should be a careful reflection of the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Waterfall Faucet

Over the vanity, you can have a concrete top made that can mirror your floors, and what could be better than a waterfall pouring out of your faucet into your vanity sink? Kohler and several other bathroom fixture manufacturers have a myriad of sleek vanity waterfall faucets available.

Bamboo, a Definite Match for the Natural Bathroom

For your accessories, like towel racks, toilet paper holder, and bath mats, the look of bamboo is not only natural but eco-friendly, too. The warm hues of bamboo products is a definite match for the natural bathroom; even plush towels and bath robes are made out of it these days.

When you’re finished, you’ll find that the only thing better than being in your bathroom is actually being out in nature. And if you’re still missing the trees, you can always stick a fichus in the corner.

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