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Shower Pan ABCs

A shower pan is a waterproof “pan” installed both beneath and above floor tiles of a shower to prevent leaking. Tile and stone showers are popular, but the tile, grout, and mortar aren’t foolproof against leakage. Installing a shower pan adds extra assurance that you won’t have to contend with water damage in the future. The following summarize two basic shower pan models: above-floor and sub-floor.

Above-floor models

  • The Lascoat Gelcoat finish is a fiberglass reinforced polyester shower pan that includes a drain cover. Slip resistant with a textured bottom, it is compatible with any tile or stone shower option. Available in several colors and shapes to fit your space.
  • The Royal Stone® model is non-porous and non-staining, promoting an easy to clean surface and healthy environment.
  • Other above-floor options are those made from composite molded materials to impersonate stone or marble.

Sub-floor models

Used under tile floors, sub-floor shower pans and membrane liner are used together to create a durable, waterproof foundation to build the shower upon. The flexible membrane is laid first and conforms to whatever irregularities exist in the floor. Sand is then spread on top of the liner to provide a cushioned barrier between the liner and the pan. The pan is installed above the sand, and then the tile is laid above that creating a strong, waterproof floor.

The major manufacturers of shower pans are The Lasco Company, The Americh Company, and The Royal Stone Company. All offer a wide selection of pans to choose from, as well as complimentary accessories. Shower pans range in price between around $250 for basic models and $1000 for special features such as claw feet.

Complete your shower pan with classy tile or stone and luxurious glass enclosures. It is very important that a qualified contractor takes care of the shower pan installation to avoid leakage and water damage. Particular attention must be given to joints and seams. Request a free estimate from a certified contractor in your area before beginning your bathroom remodel.

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