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Luxury Bath Appliances

You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and remodel that outdated, hard-to-clean bathroom. Always a big improvement to a home, the right fixtures, appliances, and accessories can entail a big undertaking to select.

Sometimes, it is less complicated to begin with a bare space and completely recreate your room from there. Choose a warm color palette that optimizes the size of the room, then find trendy fixtures and flooring that ties it all together. Once you have the basics in place, it’s time to accessorize and create a luxurious bathroom. It’s the little touches that bring the room to life and help to create that elegant, luxurious feel.

Storage. Having ample storage in your bathroom is essential. If space allows, have your contractor incorporate some attractive cabinetry or choose a vanity cabinet instead of a pedestal sink. There are multiple storage cabinets and shelves to choose from.

Lighting. Creating a relaxing, luxurious environment has a lot to do with proper lighting. Capture as much natural lighting as possible through installing new windows, or a skylight. Florescent lighting works well in bathrooms, as well as over-the-vanity decorative fixtures. For ultimate ambience, install wall sconces for that relaxing or romantic bath. A dimmer switch can also help to control lighting for different purposes.

Climate Control. An important element in any bathroom is proper ventilation. An exhaust fan can be installed in the ceiling. There’s nothing like the discomfort of stepping out of a hot shower into a frigid bathroom. If your heating system doesn’t add adequate heating to your bathroom, then install an energy efficient wall heater.

Decorate. Have fun adding the finishing touches. A beautiful glass shower door is well worth the investment. Or, if a shower curtain is your preference, choose a design collection that matches your towels, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and soft rugs. Well chosen art can dress up your walls. A plant can help with air quality as well as add a touch of freshness.

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