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The Latest Bathroom Design Trends

If there is one prevailing theme in modern bathroom design, it’s excess masquerading as simple pleasures. Manufacturers clamor to bring us the deepest soaking tubs, shower heads that do everything but dance, and even heated towel drawers. It’s all meant to make us feel like we have a personal ensemble of spa aestheticians on hand to whisk us away from the cruel, cruel world - and we soak it right up.

Here are three hot trends that are anything but watered down:

Soak Baths

Soak baths are replacing traditional hot tubs due to their elegant style and reduced noise level. Still offering a range of massage capabilities, installation types and a round of jets, they also tout the above-mentioned benefits of aromatherapy. Soak baths range from round Japanese-style to rectangular infinity pools, and can be ordered in everything from acrylic to marble, making your peaceful treat fully customizable.

Color Therapeutics

Chromatherapy, aromatherapy, psychotherapy – whatever works for you. But the prettiest option is certainly color therapy. Several manufacturers are making products that utilize an LED-projected rainbow of colors, so whether you set it on a rotating cycle or choose a solid hue, each is said to induce a certain response, such as relaxation or rejuvenation.

Bathroom design trends

Bathroom design trends

Bathing in the Digital Age

The list of technological advancements for the bathroom continues to grow, from shower temperature monitors to self-closing (and heating!) toilet seats alongside bathtubs with built-in TVs. Hey, we like that idea!

Bathroom design trends

Bathroom design trends

We’ve come a long way from our mothers’ mantra of “Calgon, take me away!”

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