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Remodeling Guidelines for Large Bathrooms

You are fortunate if you have a large space to work with when remodeling a bathroom. A large space supports so many more design possibilities, and there are some basic guidelines to ensure a fantastic finished product.

  • You have more color flexibility in a large bathroom. Darker colors can make a space seem smaller, but if used correctly can actually give a large bathroom a warmer and richer feel. Consider using darker colors to accent walls and draw out your accessories.
  • Lighting is important in a bathroom. If ceilings are high enough, a small chandelier looks elegant, while recessed lights placed appropriately can light up the darkest corners. Incorporating a large, attractive window into the room promotes natural lighting along with encouraging a wide-open feel.
  • High ceilings are preferred in bathrooms to further the spacious feeling. If your ceilings are nine feet or higher, add some crown molding. This will add a custom, decorative effect and really make your ceilings stand out.
  • You have many liberties in choosing your fixtures in a larger bathroom. Depending on your budget, you have the option to include more elaborate features. Try to maintain some symmetry in your design. That is, if you choose a very expensive bathtub, don’t cut costs and settle for a cheap vanity and toilet. Especially in a master bathroom, it is desirable to have separate areas for the toilet and bathing area. Have your contractor build a half-wall or a small enclosure for the toilet. You can even have a glass door on the front for privacy while still incorporating it into the rest of the bathroom. Double sinks are another popular feature. To add a truly romantic touch, incorporate a fireplace insert into the room.
  • A large, spacious bathroom allows for more decorating liberties. Consider incorporating a pattern into the flooring. Attention to the little details adds a lot to the overall effect. If you have large windows, invest in custom window treatments. Use your towels, rugs, and other accessories for accent colors. Large mirrors work well, along with decorative art.

Remodeling the bathroom is one of the greatest improvements that can be done to a home. To ensure yours goes according to plan, only work with a certified, licensed bathroom contractor.

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