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Impressive Custom Bathroom Touches

Bathrooms are a great place to put little flourishes of your own personal style - it’s just one of those areas where one small change can make a great deal of difference.

Although medicine cabinets have their use, if your bathroom provides ample cabinetry, there really isn’t much need for one and an elegant hanging mirror can give a much more luxurious feeling. If you can’t locate a stylish mirror that is approximately the width of your vanity cabinets, you can use any mirror of the proper size and customize it. Try fashioning your own mirror frame, selecting ornate moldings from your local hardware store and finishing them with a rich stain or vibrant paint.

The bathroom is much more than just a washstand room. So, why is it so many of us only have vanity cabinets there? Bathrooms gain appeal when warm cabinetry is added for a variety of purposes.

  • Knee drawer cabinets give a place to sit at the counter to apply makeup, fix your hair, or accomplish other beauty tasks.
  • Dressers or linen cabinetry can be installed to give you a place to store towels and washcloths, pajamas, or anything else you desire to have at your fingertips while bathing.
  • Ordering custom cabinets is a fantastic way to achieve the look you want in a cabinet that’s just right for your bathroom, but it can be costly. An alternative, which can still give your lavatory added appeal, is to scan flea markets, antique stores, and second-hand shops for older, more interesting pieces.

A new and interesting approach to bathroom cabinetry is something we’re used to seeing in our kitchens. Islands. If your bathroom is large enough, imagine bringing the vanities away from the wall. You can design a bathroom island much as you would a kitchen island, only using vanities (which are nothing more than kitchen cabinets built a bit shorter and less deep). Your design could utilize this concept to have a his and hers sink facing each other instead of side-by-side, or you could have a sink on one side and a sitting area on the other. There’s no limit to what you could devise.

With cabinetry located in the center of your bathroom floor (or even if you keep your cabinets in their traditional spots) you’ll have plenty of wall space left for new ideas. Have you ever walked from room to room scoping out the perfect spot for a new piece of art you’ve just purchased? When you did this, chances are you didn’t head to the bathroom to check out the walls in there. But why not? You deserve something interesting, thought-provoking, or lovely to look at while you spend time in the bathroom as much as anywhere else in your home. Art can bring a sense of beauty, culture, and charm to a room that may otherwise be overlooked. Just be sure that whatever piece you grace your bathroom walls with can withstand high levels of moisture, or see if there’s some way that it can be protected from moisture and mildew.

Every time a house is given extra flair and personal attention to detail, it becomes more welcoming and enjoyable to the family within who calls it home.

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