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Glass Washbasins, How Functional Are They?

Before the days of indoor plumbing, using glass washbasins were the original method of maintaining personal hygiene. Most homes didn’t have a bathroom, at least not indoors, and the washbasin could be found in the bedroom or just inside the kitchen. Now considered antiques, these beautiful old relics are used primarily for decoration. However, washbasins have made a comeback and are the contemporary choice for bathrooms. Available in a multitude of stunning designs, washbasins are all the rage. Exceptional design, but are they functional as well?

Typically used in bathrooms, washbasins are available in a myriad of colors ranging from smoky glass to full-blown mosaic designs. Ranging in size from 13” rounds to 18” ovals, washbasins can be freestanding on a shelf, flush mounted within a vanity, or mounted on a decorative stand. Complemented with beautiful decorative gold, copper, or silver faucets and mounting systems, these basins make a stunning impression of a modern milieu.

Although a fashionable alternative to the typical bathroom vanity, these basin systems can be pricey. In their favor, they are actually the same size as a standard vanity sink, and can be set on a cabinet for adequate counter space. Although more exposed, they are very durable and almost unbreakable. If you prefer the trendy mounting system or decorative drains, other storage and counter space can be created. A shelf and towel bar can be installed next to the sink, or some decorative shelving can be built.

The links included below have some incredible examples of design possibilities. If you are planning a bathroom remodel, definitely consider a washbasin. For a larger investment, you can add some modern, contemporary class to your bathroom. Call one of our bathroom contractors today to help you weigh the costs and benefits of having a washbasin in your bathroom.

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