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Get the Most Out of Your Ordinary Bathroom

Low on cash for that annual bathroom spruce-up? Try these quick ideas, centered on light and lightness, to brighten up the space without breaking your budget.

Up the Wattage

The words “dark” and “dingy” go together for a reason. Find any way you can to add more light to your bathroom. A few pretty light fixtures can make a huge difference in this room’s first impression. As an exercise, picture this simple image below with a standard overhead light instead… yawn.

Play with Color

Small bathroom lighting

This bathroom would be a snooze if it were done in browns and beiges. The fun punch of tropical color changes the look entirely. A white ceiling would look best with such a bright hue, but for mellower colors, such as pale yellows and sky blues, consider painting the ceiling as well.

Use Mirrors

Often, bathrooms have just one small window, which doesn’t do much more than let steam escape and provide ventilation. Not only will adding stylish mirrors (not just a boring one above your vanity) make your bathroom look larger, but it will also reflect more light. A dainty floor mirror, angled to capture light and reflect color from pretty towels or a shower curtain, perhaps, adds a nice bit of style, too.

Small bathroom lighting

Take a look at your bathroom and see what creative ways you can come up with to add more light, either directly or sneakily. One more tip from us: shiny accessories, such as glassware or faceted crystal, make perfect holders for your everyday items, like Q-tips and cotton balls, while also increasing the light factor. Brilliant!

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