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Eco-friendly and Eye-pleasing Bathroom Accessory Sets

When it comes to the topics of bathroom and green living, certain things spring to mind, like composting or low-flow toilets, natural stone for tiles and flooring, and cabinetry made from recycled or responsibly harvested wood. But what about the accessories? All of the things that make the bathroom comfy and cozy and pleasing to the eye can also be gleaned from the eco-friendly marketplace.

Massaging and Anti-Bacterial Bath Mats

There are bunches of new bath mats available now that are eco-friendly and beautiful. There’s even one that smells great. The Vetiver bath mat is made from the sustainably harvested Vetiver root which is hand-woven and actually releases the natural fragrance of the root every time it gets damp.

Cork bath mats are becoming very popular and are highly functional as well as green. Cork dries quickly, which means that your mat will not hold and harvest bacteria. An antifungal bath mat also equates to decreased risk of athlete’s foot and other fungal issues like mold and mildew. Additionally, cork mats are naturally a non-slip material.

Teak bath mats are likely one of the most beautiful mats on the market. Their rich dark hues are very elegant and their slatted patterns are pleasant to the touch; it’s like getting a mini-foot massage every time you step out of the tub.

Bamboo in the Sustainable Bathroom

Quickly becoming one of the most popular green materials, bamboo has its place in the bathroom as well. Sleekly designed bathtub caddies, towel racks, and ladders and stools (definitely no pun intended) can bring warmth into your sustainable bathroom. Some of the bamboo products out there capitalize on the traditional look of the bamboo shoot, while others look like finely seamed and polished wood.

Towels Are Part of the Green Movement, Too

There’s nothing better than stepping out of your steamy shower and into the embrace of a soft and cozy bath towel. From the green movement has sprung new innovations in the old bath towel, including organic towels made from hemp, cotton, and cotton-bamboo blends.

Odd as it may seem, bamboo has broken into the world of fabrics and is touted as being highly absorbent, bacteria resistant, quick-drying, and silky soft as well as eco-friendly. In addition to being able to purchase bamboo towels, you can find matching bamboo bathroom rugs and bathrobes, too.

Organic cotton towels are also highly absorbent and are claimed to become softer and more absorbent with every wash. In keeping with the organic ideals, some are also colored with low-impact eco-friendly dyes.

It seems that every organic towel claims to be more absorbent than the last. Towels made from hemp, which are far more uncommon, making them more difficult to find, are said to be able to absorb up to 150 percent of its weight in water. They are made from a blend of hemp and cotton and though manufacturers’ practices vary, are generally colored with environmentally friendly fiber-reactive and plant-based dyes.

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