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Classic Bathtubs and Sinks in Modern Materials

Bathtubs from long ago still spark nostalgic memories of the good ‘ole days, slower-paced life and something else that’s sort of indescribable. But whatever that something is, it drives us to recreate the bathroom we remember from our grandparents’ home.

Agape bathroom remodel sinks

And Agape is giving us that re-creation opportunity, along with recreation inside these luxurious tubs. A bit sleeker, especially around the legs, than we may remember from Grandma’s house, the Italian bathroom design company was inspired by cast-iron claw foot tubs. These modern-day bathtubs exemplify the same beauty, but with the advantage of sustainability. Made from Cristalplant®, a “unique and technologically advanced composite material, constituted by a high percentage of natural minerals,” the Ottocento line seen here is considered to be 100 percent recyclable. They come in a variety of fashionable colors, including dark grey.

Agape bathroom remodel sinks

And the washbasin together with the tub creates soft, rounded edges and classic lines that beautify our wistful-about-the-past contemporary homes.

Photo Credit: Trendir

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