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Bathe in Cinderella’s Glass Slipper? Yes, Please

For the discerning woman whose shoe closet is never big enough, you can now soak the day away in a glamorous high-heel-shoe bathtub. Imagine immersing your body in a luxurious bubble bath created just for you – the glamour girl.

Cinderella slipper bathroom bathtub

These stylish, trendy bathtubs are part of a unique collection called Audrey from Italian company SICIS. Since women love their baths and shoes, it seems only right to combine them.

The extravagant bathtubs are adorned with brilliant, dazzling glass mosaic tiles. The theme is then carried along the walls and floors. The creative design possibilities are infinite. For the fashion-obsessed, bathroom remodeling just got a lot more fun.

Cinderella slipper bathroom bathtub

Not limited to just the bathroom, an open bedroom design would be a perfect fit for the elaborate tub with its sparkling froufrou designs. It would make any room enchanting. Think of the accessories you could add! A chandelier, pink furry phone, an ice bucket for champagne, a faux white bear rug…

Cinderella slipper bathroom bathtub

Everyone deserves to be spoiled, especially you. So when you remodel your bathroom, make it all about you. Make it fun and magical. Make it scream I love shoes with a fairy- tale-high-heel glitzy bathtub from the Audrey collection. Tiara and bon-bons not included.

Cinderella slipper bathroom bathtub

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