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Bathroom Storage Ideas

As pedestal sinks in bathrooms continue to be a popular trend, a whole new range of bathroom storage solutions has been the inevitable result. Pedestal sinks are stylish, to be sure. But they offer very little by way of surface space, and absolutely no under-sink storage cabinetry. So, where do you put your stuff?

Even with traditional sinks, which are recessed into counters over cabinets, many people discover that their need for bathroom storage exceeds the available space these counters and cabinets provide.

Additional bathroom storage solutions are available in a wide variety of styles. In considering which storage solutions are best for you, here are some things to think about:

  • Are the items you need to store suitable for open viewing? Or are they more suited to invisible availability?
  • Do you like to let your bathroom get moist and steamy from showers or baths? How will this moisture affect items left out on open storage shelving?
  • Do you have additional storage space elsewhere in the house for extra stocks of toilet paper and bath towels, etc.? Or do you need to store these in the bathroom?
  • Is the current placement of towel racks in the way of easy placement of additional storage shelves or cabinets? If so, where will you move the towel racks?

After doing this quick assessment of your bathroom, you’ll have an idea of what kinds of extra storage will best serve your purposes. Here are some creative possibilities:

  • Better Homes and Garden’s home improvement site has a gallery of 22 photos showing creative bathroom storage solutions, ranging from shelving to hooks to carts and more.
  • Home Organizing Ideas presents a detailed and practical approach for making the most of the storage space you have as a first step, and then offers a range of ideas for maximizing your bathroom’s space. For example, utilize the bathroom door and the space around your bathtub.
  • Bathroom Makeovers in a Weekend, an article on About.com, has some great ideas including the simple tip to get rid of clutter, adding pull-out racks for drying, and adding a small chest with a “furniture feel.”

And before you head out for a spree at Linens-n-Things or Bed, Bath & Beyond, be sure to take measurements of your bathroom’s nooks and crannies so you’re sure new items will fit before you bring them home. These measurements will also be useful if you decide to talk with a contractor about remodeling your bathroom to customize your storage solutions.

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