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Basic Bathroom Layouts

Bathroom sizes can vary, and sometimes achieving a functional layout can be difficult. All too often, you’ll encounter something odd and out of place, such as a toilet under a window, a toilet too close to the shower, or a window in the shower. Bathroom renovations are one of the highest priorities to most homeowners, and if you have the opportunity to give yours a better layout, make the most of it.

Many bathrooms are designed around the plumbing. Although it may require a bit more of an investment, don’t settle for a bad layout just to avoid moving the plumbing. Even Consider moving walls to allow for a better layout or to allow more space. Basically, just gut the whole thing and start from scratch if you have to! You might be surprised to find it is actually easier to do it this way than trying to work around old materials and fixtures You’ll inevitably feel better about the end product if you know everything is solid, clean, and new.

There are three basic layouts that are centered around the placement of the plumbing lines. T

  • One-wall. In the one wall design, the plumbing is all aligned along the same wall, meaning the sink, toilet, and shower/tub are all located on the same wall. This layout works well in small bathrooms for conserving space.
  • Two-wall. First of all, a bathroom must be large enough to support a two-wall system; otherwise maneuvering around will be difficult and seen as a drawback. In the two-wall layout, you’ll have two fixtures on one wall and one on another.
  • Three-wall. You’ve probably already surmised that the three-wall layout allows for plumbing on three-walls and a more spread out design for the fixtures. This layout allows for the most flexibility in design, and even the inclusion of extra fixtures if space allows.

The most important thing to remember in bathroom layouts is to allow for plenty of maneuverability. To avoid overcrowding, remember less is more. Storage can be difficult in small spaces, but just be creative. There are many ways to sneak in small cabinets, high shelves, or undercabinet storage.

A bathroom remodel brings one of the highest returns on investment when marketing your home; just be sure the layout supports your time and money. Work with your licensed bathroom contractor to plan the best layout possible.

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