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Attractive Windows for the Bathroom

The bathroom can present a unique situation for window installation. Privacy is a concern, as well as ventilation and lighting. All too often, the original designer resorts to that standard, boring one-foot frosted-glass window atop the shower. Or, there is always that free-spirited designer that decides to put a window right in the shower. If you are planning a bathroom remodel, some of the following ideas will ensure your window is not only practical, but a focal point as well.

If redesigning your bathroom, why not create as luxurious a room as possible? Install a bay window above a Jacuzzi tub or add a comfy window seat. A round window can be a unique option and works well higher up a wall above a toilet or sink. A sun-burst window above a standard window creates an elegant feel while adding more light. Utilize wall space, and if working around a difficult layout, install windows higher up a wall.

Don’t avoid adding large windows in your bathroom because of privacy concerns. There are plenty of beautiful privacy windows to choose from, and a large window can add light and beauty. One of the more traditional choices, glass block can be used in showers or in a large portion of the wall. Choose from frosted glass, art glass, or stained glass. Leaded or beveled glasses are beautiful, as well as a less expensive polymer glass imitations. Remember window treatments can always add additional privacy.

In any remodel, optimizing natural light should be an important inclusion. A skylight is always an easy solution in any room. Decorative small windows can be installed around a shower or above a tub. Whatever your choice, choose windows that open for ventilation.

Windows come in a variety of colors, finishes, and design options. Choose from wood, vinyl, or aluminum frames. Glass options include grid panels, plain glass, French rail, frosted, beveled, or leaded glass windows.

With so many options to choose from, incorporating windows into your bathroom project should be fun, not difficult. Some of the following links have some helpful suggestions, and one of our certified window contractors can assist you further with deciding what works best for your bathroom.


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