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Make the Most Unsightly Bathtub Look New Again

Sometimes referred to as bathtub enclosures or bathtub decks, the skirt is the doodad that frames your tub and creates a nice finishing touch to your bathroom. There are several ways you can update your bathroom; adding a tub skirt is one of the most cost effective ways to add beauty.

The types of bathtubs most suitable for tub skirts are whirlpool tubs and drop-in bathtubs that are made specifically for bathtub enclosures and are the easiest to build around.

For the drop-in and whirlpool bathtub, the enclosure/skirt is necessary to hide the water pipes. For the do-it-yourselfer, the level of difficulty to build a tub skirt is intermediate, of course providing you have a lot of patience, the right materials, and the right tools.

Get creative

How much space you have in your bathroom will dictate how creative you can get. When planning the framework around your tub, you can design wider ledges, tiered ledges, etc. If you want to make your enclosure’s ledge wider, just build a second frame a few inches longer than the first and install it next to the first frame. If you want your ledge wider than 16”, build a third frame. You can make a step by building a lower frame and installing it parallel to the first frame. Anchor the additional extensions to the floor and wall parallel to the previously installed frame. It should be noted that your frame should be about ¾ inch below your tub’s rim to make room for the plywood and tile to fit under the rim.

Why tile?

Besides style, there’s a reason why tile is so popular in the bathroom; it’s durable and it’s water resistant.

The art of tile

Your unique tile configuration is what makes bathroom remodeling so much fun. Making a decision on the type of tile, whether ceramic, terra cotta, or what have you, is just one of the decisions you’ll need to make. You’ll also want to spend time playing around with different shapes and designs.

You can mix and match with complementing materials such as glass tile, jewels (fake of course), sea shells, mosaic, etc. Heck, you can even use marbles if you want to as long as it works in your design and it’s structurally sound.

Textures and contrasting tile tones can complement each other in unique patterns that you design using your own artistic talent. Your bathroom tiles set the tone for your entire bathroom; however, if you choose to create a detailed bohemian masterpiece on your tile tub skirt, it will become the focal point.

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or simply updating by adding new light fixtures or a tiled tub skirt, it’s a great investment and one that will most likely have the highest rate of return upon selling your home. Make sure you choose the right contractor for your bathroom remodel by selecting one of CalFinder’s certified, prescreened bathroom contractors.

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