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Luxurious Bathing: The 21st Century Bathtub

People tend to work more and play less these days. Time for relaxation and isolation are few and far between. For that matter, so are the places a homeowner can escape to if given the chance. Similarly, the bathroom, or master bathroom, has long been a place of solitude for homeowners, especially parents. The bathtub specifically is a last refuge of parents who get precious little time to relax.

So the bath is a logical choice; it is cleansing, relaxing, solitary, and therapeutic. The logic among today’s remodelers is to reinvent the bath as the most luxurious spot in the house. Adding floor space, large vanities, and jacuzzi tubs are just the tip of the iceberg. The 21st Century luxury bath is a monument to today’s overworked, over-stressed homeowner.

Many of today’s elite luxury baths are in fact showers with ample space, doors rather than curtains, and wide shower heads for a rain-like experience. Now add in another handheld shower head, digitally controlled steam bath feature, and other jacuzzi-like features such as jets shooting water from the walls in all directions. It’s something akin to standing up in a hot tub without getting out.

Of course such luxury cannot mean going without. So the tub and shower often remain separate. Luxurious tubs have features like hot tub jets, extending nozzles, light and sound therapy, and even tiny holes that shoot out air after the bath is over to prevent any mold or mildew from forming.

So if you want the best bathing experience, then you should have the best of both worlds: a separate shower and tub. Oh and remember that any features should be digital and remotely controlled. But don’t expect to get the modern luxury tub and shower for nothing. As a matter of fact expect to pay from $1,000 to $8,000 dollars just for the shower (add another four grand for your luxury tub).

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